What is Motivational Life Coaching?

What is Motivational Life Coaching?

Motivation is a powerful ally for Coaches, it is an essential part of successful Coaching.

Life (is the area of specialty) that focuses on all aspects of your personal and professional life (the client ultimately decides where they want to focus). When working with a Life Coach, you will assess your strengths and cultivate a plan that will outline the steps you need to take in order to achieve your desired goal/outcome.

Coach(ing) – As your coach I will support and encourage you to unleash your highest level of “Mastery”.  “I may speak to you in a way that inspires and motivates you but my ultimate goal is to help you discover your own motivation and ideas for moving forward and manifesting.”

Let's expound on life coaching just a bit more:

Coaching in itself is conducted in the form of specific (targeted) conversations between you and your coach that will help you to devise a plan of action that you will follow through on in order to reach your specific goal(s) or outcome(s). To ensure that progress is being made, your life coach may incorporate a range of different techniques, provide guidance, and offer support.

An excellent example to help one understand the usefulness of working with a life coach is to compare them to an athletic coach — this example is one that many people can relate to and understand how an athletic coach (a good one) is invaluable to a winning team. Many of your top sports figures have a coach who steers them in the direction that will ultimately help them reach their full potential / personal best. And, while the sports figure is phenomenal at what they do, most will attribute their success and achievements to their coach, the one who held them to accountability, kept them motivated, kept them focused when they felt like veering in another direction.

In a nut shell, a life coach will play the exact same role in your personal growth and development journey, holding you to accountability, focusing on the bigger vision in order to reach your full potential.

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