Why has the coaching industry experiencing such tremendous growth?

You're correct, the Coaching industry continues to evolve, and for many reasons, among them:

We are living in a time (COVID19) that we've never lived in before.

Companies of all sizes are experiencing downsizing, closures, restructuring, financial constrains, mergers and other organizational changes that is drastically changing the “traditional work space” as we once knew it. And, as we move forward post-covid19, companies will need to create a new kind of work space that is adaptable to global world / health crisis.

A growing shortage of seasoned talent due to retirements, companies must now commit to investing in their employee's development.

Workforce employees are wrestling with job insecurity and increased demand to perform at higher levels with less resources.

Individuals who have experienced positive outcomes as a result of working with a coach, are sharing their success with others.

People are more receptive to the idea of creating their own wealth, wellness, and financial security in order to live their best lives. Life Coaching helps them to bring those ideas to life.

To remain competitive, companies must shift their way of thinking and doing business. A coach can help with creating inclusive and collaborative work environments to reach strategic business objectives while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Finally, a coach can be an extreme asset to individuals and companies, by helping them to focus on the things that matter, both in their personal and personal lives.

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