How will I know that you are the right Life Coach for Me?

Great question! The good synergy between a Coach and client is critical, and, I want you to feel good about our partnership. 

Below is a brief explanation of what coaching with me looks like:

My coaching style is: collaborative, direct, calm, connected, sharp, thoughtful, and sometimes provocative, but always with love and respect.
​​My core values include: respect, trust, integrity, reliability, hard work, laugh a lot, be intentional, no excuses, be purposeful, willingness to step outside of my comfort zone.
​​My ideal coaching client is the woman who is serious about becoming the very best version of herself. She has lived her life on everyone else’s terms and she is now ready to re-define her life on her own terms. She is committed to becoming Fearless, Unstoppable, and Empowered in every aspect of her life, personally and professionally.

I will guide you 1:1 or via group coaching to achieve this from your own core strength.

I encourage you to look through my website, pay close attention to the energy you feel. Attend one of my scheduled webinars or Zoom meetings, ask questions. Visit the sites of other comparable coaches in the field. If my coaching style and synergy feel like a good fit for you, I encourage you to schedule a free 60 Minute Discovery Call Session and let's connect.

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