Personal Growth Coaching Programs for Women

I came across a video a fews year back of Oprah Winfrey delivering a commencement address at Spelman College. In her speech, she shared with the graduating class of 2012 three profound lessons that she believed mattered most about being successful: 1.) Define what you want and who you are, 2.) Find a way to serve others, and 3.) Always do the right thing. Further along in her speech she explains that doing the right thing means acting with excellence. And when you act with excellence, people notice you. She offered advice about the importance of taking initiative, surrounding yourself with positive people, and putting out the energy that you wish to receive back. Oprah also offered this golden nugget, “You want to be in the driver’s seat of your own life.”

Women today are realizing early in their adult life that the woman they’ve become is not the necessarily the woman they've always dreamed of being. They desire to be more certain, empowered, fearless, confident, liberated, at peace, impactful, and present in their lives. They want healthy relationships, real quality-time spent with loved ones, and also fufilling work that encourages them to utilize their gifts, talents, knowledge, skills, and abilities in a deep and meaningful way, all while leaving a positive footprint and legacy in the world that will live beyond them.

To help women become their best and most authentic self I am honored to offer several new GROWHer personal growth online courses and workshops to support you on your journey to personal growth and development.

I'm a Winner!

This coaching program is designed for the woman in her late 20s to early 50s who knows they are not the woman they always dreamed of becoming and want to change the narrative of their story but don't know how to start.

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GirlBoss Life!

This coaching program is designed for the GirlBoss in her early 20s to early 50s who has always dreamed of building her own empire. Entrepreneurship is in her blood, always has been, and even if she's retired from her first chapter — she's head-strong on starting her next-chapter as the BossGirl she's always dreamed of becoming. She ready rock and roll and needs help on how to start.

Interested in applying to this coaching program? Click here to schedule a Discovery Call!

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